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 Post subject: Florida needs the Browncoats
PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 4:35 pm 

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My name is Jeffrey Alexander, I choose my username to honor one of my ancestors, Thomas Jefferson who wrote one of the most crucial documents in all of world history.

I seek help from those who aim to misbehave, as did the founding fathers. in Mal's struggle against the alliance I can see echoes of the past. I have never cared much for politics, my family line tends towards farmers, a path that a good portion of my relatives in Kentucky have followed. I did not find this to be my path, instead I entered the workforce, customer service has always been my calling. Now I see a greater one.

Florida is under attack by those with power in the government. Most significantly in the recent past have been the republicans. Under the leadership of Jeb Bush, brother to Geroge W. Bush and son to George Bush Sr.

Jeb Bush was our governor during the elections in 2000, I live in West palm beach Florida, the most controversial area of Florida for the hanging chad dilemma. During this time I did not believe that voting mattered, I was 20 and had many misconceptions of the power one man can hold. My parents however did vote, they saw the ballots and said there was no problem with them. We saw no reason to protest, Al Gore lost after being Declared the victor and W. took the presidency, the rest you probably know.

What you may not know is that Jeb Bush makes a lot of money off of standardized testing. It is in his interest that public education fail, so that he can implement more private education, EDUCATION IS NOT A BUSINESS. there should be no profit in the school system other than when the seeds of knowledge planted in each child start to bear fruit, and yet here we have the Republican party as a whole pushing these child factories, the closest thing I can compare them to is Borg assimilation. The plan seems to me, to turn our citizens into drones,the ones who cannot afford Private schools. The rich educate their children better than the average citizen can afford, and in this way monarchy is reborn.

Our current Governor Charlie Crist was a republican, he was loosing party support quickly and , I can only theorize as to why, but I have seen evidence that leads me to only one conclusion.

He was aiming to misbehave, and has been.

I urge you to read for yourself in the Palm Beach Post, my local newspaper. Charlie Crist is fighting for the teachers, slashing Pork from the budget and he is running as an independent next election.

My goal is to make sure independent does not mean ALONE. I want the support of the Browncoats, not only because I can see your strength, but because I am one. I was just looking at my new copy of Still Flying, and I realized that there was this community out here, they fight for what they want, they give to charity, and they have all flocked to the ideas of liberty.

Crist will need help, a strong show of support from many communities. I believe if he gets the backing, and our voices are strong enough we can get a portion of voters who almost never make their voices heard. If we the youth vote can help crist win it will send a national message. We can take credit for our part and help spread the ideas of liberty, break the corporate shackles being placed on us. Look around and you will see this nation slowly slipping into a serfdom, the Corporate giants as Kings, they do as they wish and damn the people.

I say damn them. please learn more about what is happening in Florida, read about my firend Robert Dow, head of the local teachers union, and how he had been standing up for education even when he could not stand himself. Robert Dow has Leukemia, he did not when he ran for his position in the teachers union, Behind the scenes we saw him loose his hair, his weight, his health. We stood by him (literally, I had visited him myself and signed up to donate blood and marrow, if it is in my power to preserve his life I willingly accept the minor pain i will have to endure.)

Please do your own research, do not take my word on any of this, if you find it to be true, do what you can. The revolution is in all of our hands.

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 Post subject: Re: Florida needs the browcoats
PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 5:31 pm 

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I am sorry I was typing quickly and in the title I misspelled "Browncoats". I wanted to finish before I had to leave for work. I am one of the lucky few of my friend who's company has not fold due to economic turmoil, but then again I am currently employed by an oil company, I will say more on that later.

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