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 Post subject: Hello from the Logan
PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:30 pm 
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Hello world!

My name is William Pace and I'm a Browncoat. I was first introduced to Firefly the night that 'Train Job' aired on Fox and the legacy began. All of my close friends were too busy or committed elsewhere to join in when it aired, and my lovely wife was at a dance practice. We didn't have any children then, and the cats couldn't have cared less about sci-fi, so I sat on the couch alone and watched Firefly unfold on a very quiet night.

I admit that I didn't get it from the word go. Ten minutes into the show I was a little lost. It didn't play out like I had expected it to, because it didn't follow the formula of any other pilot I had ever seen. Character introduction was almost non-existent. No one had a backstory or explanation of motivation, so I felt thrust into the story a bit blind. Still, it had a certain 'I don't know what' so I stuck with it 'til the end, and I had to give them credit on some level for gambling with the formula.

Then Mal shoved Crow through the engine.

It's strange to think that I'll be a fan of this show to the grave because one guy put another guy through a high performance turbine with the cold, business like demeanor generally reserved for Han Solo wannabes, but there it is. I tried in vain to explain my excitement to Tracy when she got home that night, but the context was lost on her. It's just something you have to witness first hand and feel on a gut level.

She understood perfectly when it came out on DVD.

It's nearly a decade later and I'm still telling that story, and even those who have heard me tell it many times before, ask me to tell it again whenever we get together to talk about the Verse. Firefly just stays fresh, no matter the test of time, which is one of the signs of a show with staying power, whether it stayed or not.

Now it's 2011 and I've been invited, nominated and accepted as the Global Event Coordinator. It's a huge responsibility. No one understands that better than I do. Well...me and everyone who came before me. I know that most of you have no idea who I am and have probably never heard of Logan, Utah. It's best if you think of me as a Browncoat and of Logan as a city on the Rim that you just haven't made it out to yet. It's high desert mountain country and it's hard not to think of Firefly just driving to the store, and but for some time living in California, Washington and Israel, it's home.

I'm an artist by trade and a photographer as well. I enjoy creating Firefly props in my spare time and some of you have used them at your events. I love all kinds of music, theater, film and television. I used to play a mean trombone, I can tell a good joke, and I'm a sometimes auctioneer.

I look forward to this season, not because I'm at the wheel, but because I always enjoy them. I'm an optimist and pragmatist in equal portions. I like people and I like the work. It's good work. It's the honest work that wears you out in a happy way and lets you sleep with a clear conscience. If you're not involved, get involved. Make it a present to yourself and those you help. You'll never regret it.

I'm here if you need me and so is the best crew a captain could hope for. If you haven't met them, search them out. They're good people.

Stay shiny.


This is just some of the team so far...

Sys Admin - Troy Rutter (troyrutter)

Sponsorship Coordinators - Tracy Pace (Smootiful)

Registrar - Ken Garriques (garriquesk)

Poster Coordinator - Tim Hittesdorf (thittesdorf)


Communications Director - Amanda Coleman (Amanda)

Cortex Coordinators - Tara Cieolo (Buffyfest), Dan Roth (DanBuffyfest), Michelle (MichelleBuffyfest)

Twitter Ops - Julia Svaganovic (starbryte)

Art Director/Webmaster - Adam Levermore (lexigeek)

Art Assistants - Dessy Levinson, Karen Wellenkamp (QuoterGal)

Video Coordinator - Liam Merrick (mez)

Global Shepherd - Sheilah O'Connor (lioness)


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